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karina juarez

I saw the documentary and I found it fascinating as to make these things so easily


I saw that Guilford students, faculty and staff are featured in the 12 minute program. Congrats

dong salvar

Patrick Daugherty's works are amazing. he is totally awesome! a skillful and talented man. He is like a weaver bird building an incredible and artistic nest. More power to him.

Sameer Manas

Wow amazing pic ! I really like it


the man who make this sculpture was very creative.. i love this


Beautiful house.


wow...amazing Sculpture. I saw it in Discovery channel

Ankit J

They look like bird's nest. Great picture.

microsoft business solutions

Looks like a fort ,awesome

Cleaning company London

Great sculpture and ecology friendly!

degree in web design

Wow... what an amazing sculpture.. Great work...

Austin Carver

Interesting sculpture. Awesome stuff!


Wow. Those look like huts.


Wow thats very unique


beautiful house .. seems inappropriate to us trying to make it in front of our house .. back to the stone age

Beech Tree Ranch

Amazing House...Like to live in it...

google android

Oh WOW that sculpture is nice, I know the volunteers had fun making that I know I would :0

Auto HD wallpaper

Tree house?? WOW..where it is?

Carl Southern

That needs to be pinned on pintrest


Disorderly Conduct...what a very cool name for a sculpture. What was Patrick's passion behind this?

Cheap Logo Design

Awesome and marvelous Stickwork Sculpture and i have never seen like this before. Great work...

Contemporary Art

great artwork.. very inspired..
regards from Indonesian Artist..




Disorderly Conduct - a great name for a great sculpture!


Thanks its beautiful art work

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